If you're a go-getter, then

the diy guided design

will be all you need to get your home in order!

For the perpetual learner and student who loves a good project, the DIY Guided Design allows you the fulfillment of accomplishing your organizing project yourself but with guidance and assistance to get it done right the first time! You can have me in your back pocket and whispering affirmations in your ear helping you avoid costly missteps and mistakes.

You don't need outside help in your own home.
But you know there's always room for help and advice.
You are constantly watching my IG stories and implementing my tips,
but you know that hiring me is the best plan.

you know your home better than I do... so a diy option is perfect!

You need:

Help with knowing what to get rid of.
Someone to do an overhaul of your current systems.
A simplified process for decluttering and organizing.
Everything in your home to have a home.

Wondering what's


A full video walkthrough provided by client of the house/space that they’ll be tackling

Regular communication (client-led) in which Courtney will help client tackle various spaces in their home via photos, talk and text communication, and links to various materials



is perfect for the "I've got this" woman.

meet courtney

I'm a wife, mom to three, & friend to many (yourself included). Tennessee has my heart, but I can pack a bag in a moment's notice and travel wherever the wind may take me. Pasta is my love language. Snuggle sessions with a glass of wine on the back porch with my friends gives me life. But nothing feeds my soul like quality time with my husband, kiddos, and our English Setter relaxing at home.
It is my mission to create systems and flow (by means of home organization) to build confidence to make your home a sanctuary for all who walk through their doors, you included.  

Grace & Gratitude,

Courtney McShan

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you've got this all by yourself!

so book the appointment, and I'll be there to hold you accountable. Let's get your home turned into a place of love, joy, and solitude.


perfect 10/10 experience

My kitchen was a chaotic mess, and I was clueless about where to put things before Courtney stepped in. Working with her was a perfect 10/10 experience. Thanks to her expertise, my kitchen has been transformed into a well-oiled machine, and everyone in my family now knows where everything belongs. What I love most is how simple it is to maintain this newfound order.

The positive impact on my situation has been significant. I've saved a substantial amount of money on groceries because I can now easily see what I have, all neatly organized in designated zones. What stood out the most during our work together was Courtney's kind encouragement to let go of clutter.

I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney's services, and I loved the experience so much that I'm eagerly looking forward to having her back to work her magic in my laundry room and garage!

Lacy M. // East Tennessee // Ticket to Transformation


My storage room was an organizational nightmare before I enlisted Courtney's help. The experience was amazing! Courtney provided the motivation, leadership, and essential skills I needed to conquer this daunting task. Thanks to her, my situation has seen a remarkable improvement. I've transformed my once-embarrassing storage space into a source of pride, now knowing precisely where everything is stored.

One of the most significant benefits I gained from working with Courtney was her encouragement to donate items I no longer use and her assistance in taking those items to donation centers. Courtney is a true catalyst! She ignited the spark and provided the much-needed push to regain control of my space. With her help, I efficiently decluttered and organized my storage area in record time, which, in turn, motivated me to tackle other, less intimidating spaces in my home. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone in need of a similar transformation. 

Kelly H. // East Tennessee // Ticket to Transformation


Working with Courtney from The Courtney Collective has been incredible. I knew my spaces needed organization, but the time and patience required eluded me. Courtney not only transformed my cluttered areas but also established efficient systems that have truly revolutionized my creative process. No longer do I waste valuable time searching for misplaced items; everything now has its designated place, freeing up precious mental space for me to focus on my art. I'm immensely grateful for Courtney's expertise and assistance; I genuinely couldn't have achieved this on my own. Thanks to her, I've not only regained control over my workstations but also reclaimed my time for what truly matters—creating. I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney's services. Don't wait as long as I did; her transformative touch is something you can't replicate on your own.

Chelle G. // East Tennessee // Ticket to Transformation