If you're new in town...

the welcome wagon

is here to get you settled in quickly.

Moving is TOUGH. There are usually weeks, months, or sometimes YEARS that go by before you unpack that last box. Even if you hire a moving crew, you still have to learn your new space, figure out where each and every trinket will go, and figure out what to do with the things you forgot to donate before you moved.

You are ready to be settled.
You're tired of looking at all the boxes.
You've tried to follow the system you had when you started packing...
but the color coding and labeling stopped somewhere around box #43.

you're ready to dig up the "sold" sign and plant your roots.

You need:

Help with knowing what goes where in your new home.
Someone to assist in the "putting away" process.
An orgnaizing system so your new space doesn't get bogged down.
Everything in your home to have a home.

Wondering what's


30 hours (5 days / 6 hours per day) of unpacking and organizing your new home

Donation and trash haul off or arrangements

Time spent designing layouts and organization solutions

Shopping time for materials needed for the project

As we get your belongings settled, we will uncover any needs for organization products to be purchased post-unpacking and further refinement of organization and containment to be completed at a later date under hourly rate for in-person organizing services pricing.

2 weeks of Voxer follow-up

$2799 with optional add-ons available


is here to get you settled in.

I'll do a full home walk-through with sticky notes and a custom guide book on where to place things as the family unboxes.

Want some help with the organization, but don't need me to do it for you?

welcome wagon warm-up

$299 with optional add-ons available

the diy option:

meet courtney

I'm a wife, mom to three, & friend to many (yourself included). Tennessee has my heart, but I can pack a bag in a moment's notice and travel wherever the wind may take me. Pasta is my love language. Snuggle sessions with a glass of wine on the back porch with my friends gives me life. But nothing feeds my soul like quality time with my husband, kiddos, and our English Setter relaxing at home.
It is my mission to create systems and flow (by means of home organization) to build confidence to make your home a sanctuary for all who walk through their doors, you included.  

Grace & Gratitude,

Courtney McShan

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You book the appointment, and I'll take it from there. Let's get your NEW HOME TURNED INTO A HAVEN THAT MAKES YOUR NEW ADVENTURE EASY AND MORE JOYFUL.


I knew I needed organization in my spaces but I just did not have the time and patience to do it. She not only organized my spaces but created systems so I can maintain the organization. It has been transformative to my creative practice. I do not spend time looking for things because they all have a space. This has saved me so much mental headspace so that I can focus on creating. So grateful for her expertise and help. I truly could not have done it without her.  


Working with Courtney was simply the best.

Chelle g. | tennessee | ticket to transformation

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